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            Welcome to Aevitas in BC

            Aevitas Inc. offers environmentally sound and cost-effective waste management solutions to commercial, industrial and institutional organizations. Serving British Columbia and other Canadian provinces for over 24 years, our company focuses on minimizing waste streams, and recovering valuable by-products. Our nation-wide waste management network of environmental-service facilities fully comply with the legislative requirements necessary to safely offer a variety of waste management services to a wide range of industries. Aevitas in BC is an industry recognized leader in waste management due to our passion for delivering excellent customer service and supreme environmental protection to all of our industrial, institutional and commercial clients. Our waste management services include:

            On-Site Services

            On-Site Services

            Transformer site services
            PCB on-site services
            Analytical & testing services
            Lab pack services
            Transportation services
            Spill clean-up



            Lamp recycling
            Transformer oil recycling
            Battery recycling
            Electrical equipment recycling
            Resource recovery

            Waste Disposal

            Waste Disposal

            Hazardous waste disposal
            Wastewater disposal
            Industrial waste disposal
            Regulated waste disposal
            PCB destruction
            Electrical equipment disposal
            Institutional waste management
            Remediation & demolition
            Assured destruction

            At Aevitas in BC, our business is exposed to constantly changing environmental and government regulations that demand the highest standards of excellence to ensure the health and well-being of our clients, staff, vendors and they communities we serve. Economically reducing institutional, commercial and industrial waste is our primary goal, and we continually strive to pioneer innovative waste management technologies to be used in the Canadian waste management industry. Don't take chances with your organization’s reputation! Connect with Aevitas BC in Maple Ridge, British Columbia for all your commercial, industrial or institutional company’s waste management challenges.

            About Aevitas

            Our organization believes that by delivering innovative and affordable waste management solutions, we can encourage our customers and the communities in which they operate to become more environmentally sustainable. The waste management services offered by Aevitas BC also balances our client’s financial objectives with their sustainability goals, helps them stay competitive and compliant and competitive in their fields...

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            Recent Projects

            Transformer Removal & Replacement
            Transformer Removal & Replacement

            Aevitas Inc. supplied the equipment and personnel to drain,
            remove and treat 125,942 litres of used transformer oil...continue reading

            Waterside Projects
            Waterside Projects

            Our organization has been instrumental in developing and implementing many waterside on-site transformer services throughout Ontario...continue reading

            Mercury Arch Valve Decommissioning
            Mercury Arch Valve Decommissioning

            Aevitas Inc. engineered and fabricated custom hazardous waste containers to safely transport 37 mercury arch valve components being decommissioned for hazardous waste disposal...continue reading

            Transportation & Disposal of PCB Bushings
            Transportation & Disposal of PCB Bushings

            Our company delivered custom hazardous waste containers to safely transport PCB electrical bushings for disposal at our Kirkland Lake, Ontario hazardous waste management facility...continue reading

            Transformer Removal & Replacement
            Transformer Removal & Replacement

            Our company has also provided hazardous waste removal equipment and personnel to drain and dispose of 93,000 litres of used transformer oil...continue reading

            Transformer Oil Change: Oil Craned In and Out
            Transformer Oil Change:  Oil Craned In and Out

            Aevitas Inc. provided hazardous waste disposal equipment and personnel to drain and remove 25,000 litres of used transformer oil...continue reading

            Contact us

            Aevitas operates a number of specialized waste management facilities across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, to help commercial, institutional and industrial organizations tackle recycling, waste disposal and other on-site environmental service needs. Please contact Aevitas in BC today, to discover just how we can assist you!

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